18W Solar Home Lighting

18W Solar Home Lighting

    An 18W Solar Home Lighting System is the smallest capacity solar lighting system for a home to use sunlight for running the CFLs. The system comes with a wide range of specifications at affordable prices. 

    It is a compact and easy-to-install system that can provide a battery backup of up to 6 hours. Generally, the system consists of one or two LED bulbs, a solar battery, solar panel, adapter and a few other solar gadgets. 


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Specifications of 18W Solar Home Lighting System

The specifications of the 18w solar home lighting system is as mentioned below.

Particular Description
Solar PV Module 18 watt
Lamp 1X CFL 9W-11W
Battery 1X 12V 20 AH
Solar Battery Tubular plate Lead Acid or VRLA Gel
Other Components Control electronics, module mounting hardware, battery box, inter-connecting wires/ cables, switches, etc
Warranty 1 Year for Complete System
Delivery 7 Working Days