20W Solar Home Lighting

20W Solar Home Lighting

    A 20 watt solar light is a lighting system for multipurpose. It has a longer battery life and is fast charging. You can charge your mobile with the help of this system. You will also get 2 nos. of LED in 20 watt solar lighting system. 

    With this system, you will get a battery backup of 6 hours with hi-tech performance and an affordable price.

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Specifications of 20W Solar Home Lighting System

The specifications of a 20 watt solar lighting system with solar light price is as mentioned below.

Particular Description
Solar PV Module 20 watt
LED 2 x 3 watt
Solar Battery 2 x 7.2 AH
Mobile Charger 1 No
Charging Time 6 Hours
Backup Time 4 Hours
Other Components Both Ac Dc Charging Option & over voltage protection and low battery cut off. Wire, Switching, battery box, Charge Controler & other Accessories
Warranty 1 Year for Complete System
Delivery 7 Working Days