75W Solar Home Lighting

75W Solar Home Lighting

    With a 75 watt home solar system set, you will get a solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery etc. It provides you the facility to run both your AC and DC load.

    A 75 watt solar lighting system and solar light for home is the best option to power your medium size home. It is cost-effective yet highly efficient.

    You can use this multifunctional system for your garden, yard, pathway, driveways, fence or gate. It is highly powerful to work outdoors as well as indoors.

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Specifications of 75W Solar Home Lighting System

The specifications of a 75 watt home lighting solar system with solar light price is mentioned below.

Particular Description
Solar PV Module 75 watt
Inverter with Solar Charge Controller 300 VA
Solar Battery 40 AH
Other Components Both AC DC Charging Option & over voltage protection and low battery cut off. Wire & other Accessories
Warranty 1 Year for Complete System
Delivery Working Days