12.8V 6Ah Li PO4 Battery

12.8V 6Ah Li PO4 Battery

    • Battery Packs are Eco Friendly.

    • Battery Packs are 100% efficient for charging and discharging.

    • Cut-Off Protection for Overcharge and Discharge.

    • Very Low weight compared to Lead-Acid Batteries.

    • Best for Solar Application.

    • More than 2000 Cycles of Operation AT 80% DOD.

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Description Technical Specification Remark
Nominal Capacity 6Ah Capacity according to standard charge and Discharge
Nominal Voltage 12.8V The average value of working voltage during the whole discharge process.
Nominal Wattage 77Wh  
Internal Impedance of Pack ≤32mΩ Internal Impedance calculated after series and parallel configuration
Type of Cell Cylindrical Part No. 32650
Capacity of Individual Cell 3.2V – 6000mAh A Grade Cell with IR < 10mΩ
Configuration 4S-1P 4 in Series and 1 in Parallel
Charge Current 3-5A Constant Charge
Discharge Current 10A Constant Discharge
Charge Cut-Off Voltage 14.6V Protected with Balancing BMS
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 10.5V Protected with Balancing BMS
Working Temperature (Charging) 0-45˚C Under constant charge
Working Temperature (Discharging) 20-55˚C Under constant discharge
Weight 0.64kG Approx.
Dimension Length (mm) 35mm
Width (mm) 130mm
Height (mm) 70mm
Cycle Life ≥2000 With 80% DOD
Storage Temperature 1 – 3 Month 20 – 60˚C
1 – 6 Month 20 – 45˚C
Battery (LCV) Provided  
Battery (HCV) Provided  
Battery Reverse Protection Provided