60V 30AH Li-Ion Battery for E-Scooty

60V 30AH Li-Ion Battery for E-Scooty

    • Ziya Energy 60V 30Ah portable battery pack is a compact, safe and economical Li-Ion battery pack. This standalone battery pack is designed for Electric Vehicle (Bike and Scooty) with high power NMC Li-Ion Cells. No additional equipment is required for safe operation of battery pack.
    • In extreme operating conditions, BMS disconnect battery from the system. This ensure safe operation and protect the battery pack against short circuits, over-charge, over-discharge, over current and over temperature.
    • This Li-Ion battery pack is maintenance free, and has a longer run time with a shorter recovery time than equivalent lead acid battery packs. It weighs 70% less and takes 60% less space than equivalent lead acid battery packs, providing increased range product compatibility.

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Model PPC6030N
Dimensions (LxWxH) 235mmX180mmX165mm
Weights 11.3kg
Nominal Packing METAL BOX
Cell Type 3.7V NMC Cylindrical
Cell Model 18650


Nominal Voltage 59.2V
Nominal Capacity 30Ah
Energy 1776Wh
Resistance 40mΩ at 50%SOC
Efficiency 99%
Self-Discharge <5% Per Month


Recommended Charge Current 1A – 20A
Maximum Charge Current 20A
Recommended Charge Voltage 67.0V – 67.5.0V
BMS Charge Cut-Off Voltage 68.00V±0.40V
Over Charge Detection Delay 500 – 600mSec
Over Charge Release Voltage 67.04V±0.80V


Recommended Discharge Current 1A – 40A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 40A
Peak Discharge Current 60A for 2 Sec
Recommended Discharge Voltage 43.0V – 43.5 V
BMS Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 44.00V±0.50V
Over Discharge Detection Delay 500 – 600mSec
Over Discharge Release Voltage 44.80V±0.50V